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Dodge Power Wagon History


The Dodge Power Wagon was created during World War II, where it assisted American and allied troops and aided in their eventual victory of the war. Instantly winning over members of the military with its rugged durability and elegant design, returning American troops requested that the trucks they used during wartime were made available at home.


Dodge granted the wishes of the returning heroes and released the Civilian Power Wagon. The Civilian Power Wagon, or Dodge Power Wagon as it is now referred to as, was put to work by those that needed a truck that was capable of undertaking the most demanding of tasks.


It didnt take long for farmers, firefighters, ranch hands, and anyone else whose rugged lifestyle and profession required a level of performance outside of the normal civilian realm to trust nothing other than a Dodge Power Wagon.


After a few short years, the Dodge Power Wagon evolved into a symbol of the American West and a staple to the freethinking men that defined it. The Dodge Power Wagon tilled the fields of struggling and flourishing farms, fought the fires in towns both big and small, and cleared the fields for grazing cattle in the Southwest.


The Dodge Power Wagon did everything the men of a near bygone era demanded, and similar to its assistance in World War II, it played its small but integral part in the creation of a great country.